Poetry Corner: Roses of Whimsical Thread


Rose are as red as a blood..
Reality is foreseen as a dust of fear,
Wisdom overlook at possibilities of nuisance,
Yet we crave for romance still.

Withstand the karma in the jar,
Feel the agony of one’s sorrow..
Be brave of the red roses’s torns,
Its a curse in no avail.


Poetry Corner: The Rich man’s Misstress


Her eyes wore a death sentence tears,
Greed took over her sanity,
Yet he, he was always there when she needed a mate in bed,
Her lips were as red as a rose,
Her breathing full of intensity..
It made anyone’s hair sticks up their arms and neck..
A deadly goosebumps of a seductress.

Ease with winter seduction,
Fear of loosing a single drop of tear,
She wore a mask over her face from letting anyone see how miserable she felt being alive,
There is no God in Suicidal.


Random Thoughts: Having a disability is not a weakness

Many had been arguing over the days, weeks, months or downright years that disability on being able to fulfill a requirement, a request, a task or simple even a skill is seen to be a weakness. Thus, by far the people whom has this disability is seen to be worthless, a nuisance or even plain boring in the eyes of the people around them.

Have we ever asked ourselves? Did we also have been in their position once before? Our first fight? Our first day of school? The day we failed our test? Our love life or even the very meaning of life itself.

We ain’t fools that came out of paper and ink. We are humans. And we are suppose to support the ones that are weaker then us.. So they themselves can stand back up straight and be proud of themselves too.


Random Thoughts: Remembering the Moments

It occured to me that at randoms times, special moments, unforgetable moments, horrific and downright painful moments happens to us. Either you face it in the Past ,Present, or Future.

I had longed journeyed out without a single grain of rice or food for weeks. I recalled it to be a Camping Trip gone disaster when I was age 15. The whole group got lost when hiking down a mountain. Bastard teacher is not good with sense of direction and us students were too tired to even try to take note where life takes us. In the end, we got lost for a few weeks without being able to call for help after 48 hours, due to mobile phones had no signals and some their phones were out of battery. The horror. I know.

How about you? Do you have any moments you wish to relived the very feeling once again? Do comment below.